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Freelance Makeup Artist vs Resort Makeup Artist

If you are thinking about a destination wedding, particularly in Jamaica, one of your main concerns will naturally be; "who is going to do your makeup." A lot of brides-to-be scramble to find a good outside vendor to do their makeup whilst others, simple use the Resort's Spa. Now, a lot of brides base their decision on budget, and convenience. But here are a few things to consider when trying to decide between using an outside vendor/ freelance makeup artist and a resort makeup artist for one of the most significant events in your lifetime:

A freelance makeup artist has a makeup kit with carefully selected products and tools. They know what works for different persons and in different situations (skin condition, humidity etc.).They have tested out their products and can guarantee a particular level of performance from each product. A resort spa's makeup artist will most likely be using the products supplied by the resort, with little to no input about what products are bought. Therefore, they would not have an attachment to their kit; yes, I said attachment, because a freelancer's kit is very personal and intricately designed. What does this intimate relationship with our kits mean to a bride to be? It means we have you covered in those times when you tell us; "I sweat profusely" "my cystic acne left scars on my face," or "I have really dark under-eye circles." We have you covered because we spent nights reading reviews on a particular product for those situation and after purchase we test them, so we are not using a product that says it does something and hope it works.

Another point to consider is that as a freelancer, doing your makeup for your wedding day is our livelihood. Our reputation rests on how we perform. Each brides' makeup that we do acts as a business card for the next potential bride. We cannot break bread, unless our brides are satisfied. This alone is a sure-fire guarantee that you will look exceptional on the most photographed day of your life, granted, this is if you choose a professional makeup artist. A negative review for a freelancer can be a serious setback. On the other hand, a negative review for a resort spa's makeup artist, may land them, only a reprimand from management, as doing makeup is just one of the many things to do in their job description. They are still guaranteed their check at the end of the month. At the end of the day, they are not riddled with thoughts such as, "what could I have done better, or did I make her look her utmost best?" What does this mean to a bride-to-be? It means that a freelance makeup artist has more to lose, if you aren't satisfied with your bridal makeup. They are extremely motivated to fullfil your bridal beauty vision. On the other hand, a resort spa's makeup artist may be motivated as far as the job requires, of course, there will be some who are exceptions.

I leave you with this excerpt that was written on a prominent Jamaican Photographer's Facebook page, "More important than the Photographer is a great makeup artist, get one, the makeup artist can make or break your wedding," (Courtney Chen, January 5, 2016). Of course, there are some gems in these Spas, but how will you know who they are? It could very well be her day off on your wedding day, or she is otherwise preoccupied doing a massage for another client. Don't be the bride who frantically wipes off the makeup the Spa at her resort has done and attempts to do her makeup herself at the final hour.

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