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Is Airbrush Makeup Really Worth it?

Is airbrush makeup really worth it? Oh my goodness Yes! Are you a bride? Are you getting married in a tropical island like Jamaica, where it can get very hot and humid? Is your wedding outdoors? Is your wedding during the summer time? Do you sweat profusely? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then as a makeup artist, who has done well over two hundred weddings on the beautiful Island of Jamaica, I wholeheartedly recommend airbrush makeup.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight liquid makeup applied through an air gun and compressor that produces a thin, even layer of makeup in a spraying motion. The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. Airbrush makeup is not to be confused with the ever so popular "airbrush" tool used on the program "Adobe Photoshop" to smooth texture of the skin.

Here is why I Airbrush makeup is recommended?

1. Its Longevity; airbrush makeup is sweat-proof (this does not mean you wont sweat, it means the makeup wont be affected by sweating), tear-proof and transfer resistant. It is designed to hold up in humid and hot tropical climates. It can last up to 24 hours.

2. Its Coverage; airbrush makeup is light weight but can move from light , medium to full coverage without feeling heavy or looking heavy. When done right, the coverage will still mimic breathable, flawless skin.

3. Airbrush makeup photographs beautifully.

Airbrush makeup is a "work-horse" in the makeup world. It has the ability to last through all the hugging, kissing, crying and sweating that may take place on your wedding day, while still photographing beautifully. Don't get me wrong, the regular makeup can hold its own, but not without our makeup artists whipping up "our secret sauce, " which usually includes setting spray to increase the longevity of the makeup.

In closing, here are a few excepts from reviews given by past brides who got airbrushed.

"The airbrushed makeup looks light and natural and holds up in humidity well and the false lashes just look good on everyone." (Marisa Sterling 02/20/16)

"They made me look like a princess on my wedding day. The airbrushed makeup was perfect for the weather in Jamaica." (Stella Lakey 07/04/15)

"Heather did an amazing job making me beautiful for my wedding. She used airbrushed makeup and it looked very natural and completely amazing." (Janice Boyd 12/13/14)

"She provided very natural looking airbrush makeup exactly as we requested and it stayed put through the heat and a night of partying outdoors." (Sandra Contreras 10.09.15)

"She did the airbrush makeup on me and it looked amazing! My own makeup would never have survived the heat and humidity and Heather's lasted all night!" (Brittany Miller-Meadows 06/16/14)

"Let's just say that Heather and her team made me "Bulletproof". My makeup stayed fresh all day and night/early A.M. The job she did even made my groom shed a tear!" (Christine Desheilds 06/17/17)

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