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What can the bride do to help make her Wedding Makeup Flawless

Your wedding is fast approaching and you've booked us for your wedding hair and makeup services. You

have expressed on several occasions to friends, family and your fiance that you want to look picture perfect on your wedding day. With the increased anxiety, you wonder if there is anything you should be doing before the wedding to ensure that your face is flawless.

Here are some simple things that you can do before the wedding that will help create a great canvas for makeup application:

Stop stressing out

Weddings can be stressful, but only because it requires a lot of detailed planning. Try and delegate as much of the tasks as possible. The added stress from wedding planning can cause you to break out in hives and pimples, worst case scenario, you may experience a cold sore outbreak ( this has happened more than once). This tend to happen the week of the wedding. I have had brides email me, call me or show up on their wedding day asking me what can be done to hide their giant pimple. Whilst, our team can change the color of your pimple, we cannot change raised skin. So, try to relax a little more.


Drink lots of water, let me say this again, drink plenty of water. Water for your skin is the best thing since sliced bread (can't think of another hyperbole right now, so sliced bread will have to do). water will hydrate the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful glow. Just search for water and the skin on the internet and a myriad of benefits will follow, too many for this short blog. Healthy skin looks airbrushed using regular makeup, when applied correctly.

Chemical Peels

Avoid chemical peels a month before your wedding day. You may experience severe scaring from a chemical peel ( this has actually happened to one of our brides before).


Everyone should moisturize, whether you have dry skin, normal, combination of sensitive skin; there is a moisturizer for you. A moisturizer acts as a barrier for the skin and prevents water lost in very hot or windy weather. It also prevents debris, blown on the face, from entering your pores, which could get clogged and cause unwanted pimples. Finally a moisturized skin is smoother, softer and takes makeup very well. The make will not "sit" on the skin but will mimic healthy looking skin, when done properly.

Cleansing Facial

If you can afford it, do a facial, especially if you do not have healthy skin. The facial with remove all the dead cells and comedones (whiteheads and blackheads). It will be like you shed the old skin, and a new healthier skin has appeared. Please do this a least a month before the wedding. You could also purchase a facial cleanser, facial scrub, mask and a moisturizer; usually buying most of the products from the same line works best as they are designed to work together. Read the instructions on how to use each and you should be on your way to perfect skin for your bridal makeup application.

There it is guys; less stress, more water and moisturize. I'm looking forward to seeing more of our brides with naturally glowing, healthy skin.

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